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Prof. Adam Saleh Muhammadin, the University President, met with Dr. Taha Adam, Dr. Muhammad Yusuf Adam, Dr. Adam Fadl Al-Mawla, Dr. Khaled Mohamed Ahmed, Dr. Muhammad Yusef Abu Hurairah, Professor / Faisal Barima, and Professor Yasser Musa … His Excellency the Governor of the State, Mr. Muhammad Hassan Arabi at the Presidential House this evening and gave the proof of congratulations to the governor and his brief on the history of the university and the initiatives and visions of the state to achieve sustainable peace and some problems related to the announcement of the partial opening of the university scheduled for August 15, 2020 AD On his part, His Excellency the Governor welcomed the university delegation and the price of the university’s role and place in community service He mentioned that it is the largest repository of expertise in the state and assured the university’s help to solve all problems, wishing the administration success.

By Mutasim

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