Muawiya Bahr – Support Unit

Professor Adam Saleh Muhammadin, the University President, inspected this morning, accompanied by Dr. Muhammad Yusuf Ibrahim, Dean of Scientific Affairs, and Dr. Muhammad Yusuf Adam, Dean of Student Affairs, and Professor / Faisal Barima, Executive Director of the Director’s Office, inspected some of the university’s colleges (College of Education, College of Education for Basic Teachers, College of Arts, College of Economics, College of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resources, College of Human Development, College of Engineering, College of Laboratory Sciences, College of Administrative Sciences, College of Mathematical Sciences, College of Veterinary Sciences) to find out the preparations for receiving students and the exams that will be held soon for students who did not sit for their performance, which were postponed due to the pandemic Corona. His happiness appreciated the efforts of the colleges, wishing the university stability.

By Mutasim

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