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Today, Wednesday morning, corresponding to / the second of September 2020 AD, he visited the Martyr / Suleiman Siddiq School _ with Artillery, Professor / Adam Saleh Muhammadin, Director of the University, accompanied by Dr. / Yaqoub Abdullah, Dean of the College of Education for Basic Teachers and Dr. / Yahya Daoud, Dean of the College of General Education, and Professor / Faisal Barima, Director of the Executive Office and Professor / Yasser Moussa, Director of Public Relations and Media … His Excellency stood on the last stages of the school buildings, which will contribute greatly to solving the problems of the students of the region and the students of the Faculties of Education for training … What other aspect His Excellency Colonel / Alaeddin Abbas, the artillery commander, welcomed the delegation, appreciating the university’s pioneering role in the renaissance of education He thanked the delegation for the important historical visit and the university’s stance with their administration so thatthe school would soon be completed, God willing.

By Mutasim

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