Media unit: Muawiya Bahr
Workers at the University of Al Fasher this morning, in front of the university Vice-chancellor office, organized the protest vigil called for by the Steering Committee of the Workers ’Union at the University of El Fasher, denouncing the salary delay until today, which they see as a legitimate right and not a grant, as the Federal Ministry of Finance claims, and the delay in the payment of many dues … and raised during the pause. Many slogans, including (salaries is a legitimate right and not a gift, oh gift) and the stand addressed to Professor / Adam Saleh Muhammadin, the university Vice-chancellor, explaining that the salaries are a red line and not a compliment and must be paid to the workers after the end of each month. On the other hand, Dr. Abu Bakr Jumah Siam, the university vice-president, thanked the protesters. They have their patience and send this message to higher education and the Federal Ministry of Finance denouncing the procrastination and evasiveness in paying salaries, as Dr. Ali Abusil mentioned in his intervention that this procrastination must be resolved, and Dr. According to Al-Daem, addressing the stand that there are parties that seek to close universities and cut off that the university will not close its doors, but we will act Together, on the condition that the workers fully take their rights without any delay, at the end of each month, he demanded more patience until he crossed this stage. flunkey.

By Mutasim

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