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Yesterday, Sunday, October 18, 2020 AD, the Faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences at Siddiq Wadaa Hall celebrated the conclusion of the training course in the field of scientific research and diagnosis of diseases using genetic genetic technology (PCR), which targeted (26) male and female students from the university sector and the Ministry of Health and Health Insurance, and this was addressed to the professor / Adam Saleh Muhammadin, Vice-chancellors, celebrating the celebration praising the great effort made by the Dean of the College, Dr. Nasreddin Khaled, in providing the genetic genetic technology apparatus and the cooperation of the National Research Center in training medical personnel in the state, and that the laboratory is a great addition. Diseases to train medical personnel in the state, and the Vice-Rector, Dr. Siyam, expressed his happiness with this course, promising to provide aids to the teacher, and the Dean of the College thanked the bodies that participated in the implementation of the course, and in conclusion Dr. Salah El-Din Jumaa Al-Zaki honored .

By Mutasim

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