About University

El Fasher University is a governmental university, Sudanese in curriculum, identity and administration. It is nationally oriented, accepted and constructed. It is a member of the Union of Sudanese, Arab and African Universities, and it has cooperation agreements with regional and international universities . Its inception dates back to November 1975 , when the former President of the Republic, Jaafar Muhammad Nimeiri, issued Republican Decree No. (8), which decided to establish a university in Darfur, but that dream did not come true until 1990 , when President Omar Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir issued Republican Decree No. (8) 142) to establish a university in Darfur under the name of ” Al-Fateh University from September ” , and it was officially inaugurated in the city of El-Fasher, the capital of Greater Darfur at the time, in February 1991 , in buildings belonging to the company (Ricky, Italy ), west of El Fasher airport, and south of El Fasher High School, formerly, which was working on building some internal roads in the state .

In 1993 , the Darfur region was divided into three states, and each state became independent in the college in which it became the nucleus of a university. Accordingly, the remaining faculties of Al-Fateh University from September became the nucleus of El Fasher University in the capital of North Darfur State .

This institution developed so it joined its premises ( the Teacher Preparation Institute in El Fasher ) with  its buildings and area, to which the College of Education moved, leaving the buildings of the Ricky Company to run the university and the College of Medicine, and the morgue, the central library, halls, laboratories, student activity and other service facilities were established . Then, El Fasher Secondary School was attached to the university with its buildings and area in the year 1994 AD to become the nucleus of the colleges complex, which includes within it the College of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resources, the College of Human Development and the College of Education for basic teachers . Then the university expanded and included the School of Health Assistants to become the nucleus of the College of Applied Health Sciences, then the Youth Training Center was attached to it in El Fasher, which includes within it the Institute of the Holy Qur’an and the College of Sharia and Law,  in addition to the establishment of research centers and experimental farms in each of: Saq al-Naam, Kabkabiya and then University City Housing for male and female students and professors housing .

University goals : –

The university aims to achieve the following objectives : –

(1) Emphasizing the identity of the Sudanese nation and its roots through the curriculum .

(2) Conducting applied scientific research related to the needs of the local and national community in order to serve and advance it .

(3) Innovating technology and employing it to serve the Sudanese community in cooperation with universities and other higher education institutions in the country .

(4) Attention to the Sudanese environment in general and the environment of North Darfur State in particular, and to qualify the staff capable of promoting it and resolving the state’s issues related to the environment .

(5) Interacting with the citizen in the countryside by understanding his problems, recognizing his knowledge and experience, and working with him to develop them according to his needs and values .

(6) Paying attention to human development issues, thought and religious values .

(7) Preparing students and granting them academic licenses .

(8) Openness to African countries, consolidating ties with them, and transferring Islamic civilization to them .

(9) Strengthening scientific, cultural and technical prayer with countries of the world .

(10) Contribute to modernizing the scientific, administrative and productive work method, and work to assimilate and develop modern technology and link it to the Sudanese environmental needs .