College of Applied Health Sciences

It is located in the buildings of the former Maounieen Health School , which has been transferred to the university recently . It has been the opening of her in the year 2004 of the implementation of the Declaration of Sudan , which was between the Education Ministry of Higher and the Ministry of Health and the WHO global year 2000 AD .

The objectives : it has  a Guetdt necessity and the presence of healthy elements assistant efficient rehabilitation and scientific advanced . And to fill the shortage of health frameworks to assist state hospitals in the fields of ( nursing , anesthesia ), medical assistants .

The College awards the Intermediate Diploma (   three-year system ) in six semesters in the following majors :

A / Technical Nursing ,                           B / Diploma of Medical Assistants,          C / Midwifery             

Study system : –

The college classroom hours and a system approved .