College of Computer Science and Information Technology

Origin and Evolution:
The college was established in 2016

school system:
The college follows the semester system. The duration of the study in the college is ten semesters, after which the graduate is granted a BA with honors in computer science or information technology.

The administrative structure:
College dean, vice dean, department heads, college registrar, assistant registrar

Distinguish in research and scientific fields that lead to building cadres with high capabilities in the field of computers and information systems.

the message:
Providing study programs, research activities and community service in the fields of computer and information technology, and it seeks to graduate students who are trained and consultants in the fields of computer and information technology.

1- Graduating qualified students in the field of computer science and information technology to contribute to meeting the country’s needs of qualified cadres to work in fields that use computer science and its applications to bridge the digital divide and build the information economy and society.
2- Preparing a distinguished information society by graduating computer programmers and systems analysts.
3- Graduating students who are qualified for self-learning, advancement, enrollment in postgraduate studies and contribution to scientific research.
4- Graduating students who are able to innovate modern methods of using and applying the computer.
5- Activating the college’s role by providing research and advisory services to various state institutions and making a positive contribution to solving community problems.