College of Education for basic teachers

Origin and Evolution:
The College of Education for Basic Teachers was established according to Presidential Decree No. (65) for the year 1994 AD. Which provides for the transfer of teacher education institutes and teachers to national universities and upgrading these institutes to colleges of education for the purpose of qualifying primary school teachers.
The college started with foundation stage programs and was among the tributaries that nourish the College of Education, and the program remained subordinate to the College of Education until the issuance of the decision of the Council of Professors according to which the College of Education for basic teachers was separated from the College of Education on 1/26/2001.
school system:
After four years, the student obtains honors from the BA in Education
College Administrative Structure:
1. The Dean of the College
2. Deputy Dean
3. Department heads
4. College registrar
5. Administrative supervisor
Vision, Mission and Goals
Achieving excellence and leadership in comparison at all levels (regional and national) in education, learning, scientific research, community service and the environment.
the message:
Preparing, training and qualifying education teachers for the basic stage who believe in their mission and who are proficient in their roles and who are capable of creativity, innovation and continuous self-learning.

College Goals:
1- Training students and preparing them to teach at the basic stage by qualifying them academically and practically to implement curricula and decisions and advance the teaching profession.
2- Providing students with scientific skills, practical skills, virtuous values, and loyalty to the homeland, to create a healthy generation that will advance its mission towards its nation and homeland.
3- Training students to conduct some scientific research in the human, applied and educational aspects.