College of the Holy Quran and Islamic Studies

Origin and Evolution:
The establishment of the college goes back to the Institute of the Noble Qur’an and Islamic Studies, which was affiliated with the University of the Noble Qur’an and Islamic Sciences, then it was joined to the University of El Fasher after the kind approval of the administration of the University of the Qur’an and Islamic Sciences at the time. The institute used to award an intermediate diploma (three-year system) in six semesters in Specializations: Sharia and Law, Arabic Language, Hafiz Diploma, General Diploma for Regular Forces. In addition to these specializations, the institute used to offer short courses and courses extending for three months in the Noble Qur’an and Tajweed, Islamic belief, interpretation, Sunnah and Hadith sciences. Then the institute was promoted to the College of the Holy Qur’an and Islamic Studies by a decision of the President of the Republic in the year 2010 AD, and the first batch was accepted in it in Academic year 2015-2016.

school system:
The college follows a credit hour system with the semester system, so that each semester consists of fifteen weeks.

The administrative structure :
The college’s administrative structure consists of the following:
1- The Dean of the College. 2- The Vice Dean of the College 3- Heads of Departments.
4- College registrar. 5- Assisting councils and committees.

The college strives to achieve excellence and leadership in the field of teaching, learning and research activities, and to take care of the Holy Qur’an, its readings and its sciences. It also looks forward to meeting the needs of society and the surrounding environment in the field of the Noble Qur’an, its readings and its sciences.

the message :
Qualifying cadres capable of coping with the requirements of development, the needs of the labor market, and effective and influential in the field of advocacy.

Objectives :
1 – To be a house of knowledge, working to acquire it, teach it and develop its curricula, and work to make the Noble Qur’an the center of science and life by studying it and studying its sciences, and by actively contributing to rationalizing the community movement and raising its level and enriching the life of the Sudanese nation with the principles of Islam in particular.
2- Graduation of specialists in the Noble Qur’an and Qur’anic studies, and the sciences they include.
3- Provide the opportunity for the memoris of the Noble Qur’an to enter college and specialize in various Islamic readings and studies.
4- Graduating specialists in the Sunnah and its sciences, equipped with a wealth of knowledge of the Sunnah.