Environmental Sciences & N. R

This college is located in what is now known (the Colleges Complex ) . The idea of ​​establishing this college originated in December 1993 AD when the President of the Republic issued a decision to establish a university college in Umm Kadada, as a reward to this locality for its 100% precedence in literacy . As the evil s Darfur ( or Kadada and its environs ) from areas affected by droughts successive which negatively affected the Alibih natural resources, it has a will approve the opinion that holds this named college, for the purpose of not exploitation optimal natural resources in the dry areas, and the development and maintenance of Environment and animal production, so the college has become one of the important research centers in Sudan and Africa Dry Area Studies .

* Study system : –

The college follows the semester system and credit hours and awards a bachelor’s degree with honors in Environmental Sciences and Natural Resources upon completion of ten semesters .

College Departments :

(1) Department of Forests and Pastures (4) Department of Water Resources and Resources                                                      

(2)             Department of Animal Production (5) Department of Plant Protection                                         

(3)             Rural Development Department

( 4 ) College of Education for Basic Teachers : –

It is located in what is now known (the Colleges Complex ) , and is considered an academic unit with a separate entity from other colleges within the University of El Fasher, according to its national peculiarity in terms of curriculum . Its objectives are summarized in training and preparing students to teach in the basic stage, qualifying them scientifically to participate in developing curricula and teaching methods, contributing to managing educational problems and providing technical advice in partnership with the colleges of education in Sudanese universities and the Ministry of Education .

* Study system : –

The college follows a system of semesters and credit hours, and grants Bachelor’s honors in Education to teach the foundation in eight semesters .

College Departments :

(1) Department of Islamic Studies (5) Department of Science

( 2) Department of Arabic Language (6) Department of Mathematics

(3) Department of English (7) Department of Geography

(4) Department of Educational Sciences    (8) Department of History

(9) Department of Educational Activities