Faculty of Education

Origin and Evolution:
The College of Education is the first nucleus that was established at El-Fasher University (Al-Fateh from September previously). It is the mother of the colleges where it was established in 1990 AD. Choosing the College of Education in the first phase is a necessity necessitated by the deteriorating conditions of public education in the state at the time, and the increasing educational surplus and there is no doubt that education is the key All development and progress, and within this framework the College of Education works to achieve these development goals.

school system:-
The academic period for obtaining a general bachelor’s is (8) semesters and a bachelor’s degree with honors (10) semesters.
The study is based on semesters, credit hours, and the duration of the semester is fifteen weeks.
The college follows the system of major specialization in one subject with teaching auxiliary subjects.

The administrative structure:-
College Board, College Dean, Vice Dean, Department Heads, College Registrar, Assistant Registrar, Administrative Supervisor.

Vision, Mission and Goals

It is represented in scientific leadership, distinction and affiliation, in study programs that meet the requirements of society.
the message:
Raising the level of awareness and graduating cadres who contribute to the leadership of society and meet its need by actively participating in development.

1- The scientific and professional preparation for working in teaching in the boilers of public knowledge, and carrying out educational research and studies, and what is related to them.
2- Promote the teaching profession and participate in curriculum development and teaching methods.
3- Raising the efficiency of teachers and educational administrators during the service by obtaining a high academic qualification.
4- Contributing with the Sudanese Colleges of Education, the Ministry of Education, and its central administration in studying educational problems, and providing inquiries and relevant services.
5- Contributing to training personnel working in other educational institutions related to education.
6- Providing educational and training services to other university colleges and to the local community.