Faculty of Human Development

It is located in what is now known (the   Colleges Complex ). College aims at linking the university community and to work on only Rtqa by Otq d Yum scientific research and applied experiences associated with the needs of the local community and confirm the identity of the Sudanese nation and establish it through the curriculum , which approved .

* System study : –

The college classroom hours and a system approved .

The college follows the academic semester and credit hours system , and grants the following academic degrees : –

1- Diploma, three-year system ( six semesters )               

2-  Training certificates in short courses .

Sections of the College :

(1) Department of Business Administration (6) Department of Women Development and Family Sciences                                                      

(2)   Accounting Department (7) Department of English Language

(3)   Department of Economics and Banking Sciences (8), Department of Computer Science and Information Technology                           

(4)     Rural Development Department (9) Department of Computer Engineering                                         

(5)   Department of n vs. kindergarten (10) Arts