Faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences

Origin and Evolution:
The college was established on the twenty-second day of the month of Dhul-Qa’dah for the year 1438 AH corresponding to the fourteenth day of the month of August for the year 2017 AD.

Study system and certificates granted by it:
The college follows a credit hour system with the semester system, so that each semester consists of fifteen weeks. A bachelor’s degree is awarded (in four years) in medical laboratory sciences in one of the following specializations:
1- Specialization in Microbiology
2- Specialization in Parasitology and Medical Entomology
3- Specialization in Hematology and Hematology Immunology
4- Specialization in Clinical Chemistry
5- Specialization in Diseased Histology and Falling Cells

College administrative structure and staff:
1- The Dean of the College
2- Vice Dean of the College
3- College registrar
4- Assistant registrar of the college
5- Department heads

Localization of medical diagnostics in the states of Greater Darfur and neighboring countries.

the message :
Enhancing the health status in the local and national community by qualifying qualified graduates in various fields and providing them with ethics for the medical profession.

Objectives :
1- Graduating highly qualified cadres with high scientific skills.
2- Applying modern teaching methods that keep pace with the tremendous and accelerating scientific boom.
3- Contributing to the localization of diagnostics in the states of Darfur and neighboring countries to achieve a revolution in the world of medical analysis, training and scientific research.