About university

 University of Al Fasher is a Sudanese public university and a member of the Association of Sudanese, Arab and African Universities, and it has cooperation agreements with regional and international universities. Its inception dates back to November 1975, when former President Jaafar Muhammad Nimeiri issued Republican Decree No. 8 establishing the University of Darfur, but this was not achieved until 1990 when President Omar Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir issued Republican Decree No. 142 to establish a university in Darfur under the name “University of the Conqueror of September.” It was officially opened in the city of El Fasher, present in Greater Darfur at the time, in February 1991 in buildings belonging to the (Italian Riki) company, west of El Fasher Airport and south of Alfa School. She was a former high school student, who was working on constructing some internal roads in the state.

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