Faculty of Education

Origin and development:

The Faculty of Education is the mother college at University of Al Fashir , which bore the burden of growth. It was established in the year 1991, and thanks to God Almighty, the college has developed in all its aspects in terms of the number of students, departments, and teaching staff. However, this development is less than ambitious, especially in laboratories, professors’ offices, and training aids, in order to accommodate the increasing number of students, as the number of students in the college by 2021 reached more than (4000) male and female students instead of (200) male and female students in the year 1991.

Faculty departments

  1. Scientific Department (pre-specialization stage) 1990

  2. Life Sciences 1991

  3. Department of Chemistry 1991

  4. Department of Mathematics 1996

  5. Department of Physics 1994

  6. Literary Department (pre-specialization stage) 1990

  7. Department of Arabic Language 1991

  8. Department of Islamic Studies 1994

  9. Department of English Language 1991 

  10. Department of Geography 1991 

  11. Department of History 1993

  12. Department of Psychology 1991 

  13. Department of Educational Sciences 1991

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