The University objectives

The University aims to achieve the following objectives: -

1-  Assure the Sudanese nation identity through the curriculum it implements.

2-  Conduct applied scientific research related to the needs of the local and international community to serve and upgrade it.

3- Innovate technology and employ it to serve the communities in collaboration with universities and other institutions of higher education in the country and worldwide.

4- Raise awareness about the Sudanese environment in general and the environment of North Darfur State in particular and to qualify the cadres who are able to upgrade and solve the state issues related to the environment.

5- Interact with the citizens in the countryside in order to understand their problems and acknowledge their local knowledge, experience and work with them to develop according to their needs and values.

6-  Pay attention to human development issues and respect the diversity, thoughts, and religious values.

7-  Prepare students and award them the academic degrees.

8- Strengthen the scientific, cultural and technical ties with the Universities and higher education institutions of the world.

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